At R/GA, I was part of the TIM beta’s initial creative team as copywriter, a project that would later win several awards and become a huge game platform for teens.

TIM is an Italian telecommunications company and one of the largest mobile carriers in Brazil. They were launching a new phone plan and we, at R/GA, were tasked to help them with that.

TIM beta was born. The first pre-paid phone plan created for teens by teens through their social networks. There were so many requests for SIM cards, #TIMbeta became a trending topic in Brazil. Two years later, TIM had thousands of new customers and a new challenge: to increase plan usage.

We launched Blah-blah-meter, a game designed to get teens to use their plan more frequently by challenging them to demonstrate their social media influence. The more influential they were, the higher they scored, and the more rewards they earned. 

Eighty percent of TIM beta customers registered for the game. Plan usage increased 60 percent, generating revenue per customer at twice the market average. 

My role: Concept and Content / Creative Direction: R/GA

Juliana Mendonca
Creative Strategy, Concept, Content, Writing, Video, Film, Brand Strategy, Brand Development, Digital Advertising, Interactive Advertising