Pitch project for Episode, a game app based on storytelling targeting a millennial audience. Episode features interactive Hollywood-caliber stories built from the ground up for mobile where users’ choices decide the path of the story. For this pitch, I came up with:

- Name for the campaign (Summer period);
- Short ad copy (consumer facing) description about the campaign;
- Mood board demonstrating the aesthetic vision and feel of the campaign

My role: Content / Direction: Episode

Idea #1

Episode FOMO? Don't sweat it
School is out and summer is here, which means you have a loooot of free time to play Episode. Finally! Don’t miss the beach or camp stories, and the hotties. Be cool, work that PJs all day while you have fun with Episode. #noepisodefomo

Idea #2

A HOT new season
A hot new season it’s here! Episode has the cutest and hottest stories to keep you breathless AF as you chill by the pool. Get ready for a lot of babes and OMG moments #hotepisode

Idea #3

Play on Vacay
Going away on vacay? Yay! Summer is gonna be LIT whether you’re sitting on the porch, lounging by the pool, or frolicking on the beach, as long as you have Episode with you. Wherever you go this summer, #gowithepisode

Juliana Mendonca
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